Renewable energy

Biofuels for industry and commerce

As well as the biogas produced on-site at our anaerobic digestion facility, our recovery processes also deliver a range of high grade materials for use as industrial and commercial biofuels.

Fats, oils and grease – FOG waste

Animal fats, vegetable oils and grease are a renewable and potentially inexhaustible source of energy – their energetic content being close to that of diesel fuels.

We can offer a full recovery service for all these fats, oils and grease – including contaminated materials – with our screening and treatment processes ensuring a better quality product for onward use in the biofuel market.

As well as segregated oils, we can accept a variety of other materials in this category:


Grease and fat-trap waste


Sewer material (fatbergs)


Tipping for drain-jetting or gully businesses

Packaged fatty food materials

We also handle fatty based food materials such as sauces and ready meals where a large percentage of oil content may be present and recoverable.

Maltings Organic - Renewable energy from fatberg (FOG Waste)
Maltings Organic - Renewable energy from oily food (FOG Waste)
Maltings Organic - Renewable energy from waste ready meals (FOG Waste)

Refuse-derived fuel

As part of our ongoing commitment to maximum landfill diversion and energy recovery, all residues we are unable to recycle are processed to a certified refuse-derived fuel (RDF) specification.

We work with a number of end-users in the UK that incinerate this RDF to produce electricity.

What is RDF?

As defined by Defra – Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) consists of residual waste that complies with the specifications in a written contract between the producer of the RDF and a permitted end-user for the thermal treatment of the waste in an energy from waste facility or a facility undertaking co-incineration such as cement and lime kilns. The written contract must include the end-user’s technical specifications relating as a minimum to the calorific value, the moisture content, the form and quantity of the RDF.

Maltings Organic - Renewable energy (RDF)
Maltings Organic - Renewable energy (processsed RDF)
Maltings Organic - Renewable energy (Wood waste for biomass)

Wood biomass

We have multiple shredding and screening operations for our wood input, and can grade from A-C (see panel below) or offer mixed material at various sizes for use in wood biomass boilers.

These can range from small commercial units needing chipped pallet wood to industrial power stations requiring daily/weekly bulk loads.

Recycled wood grades

Recycled Wood Grade A

‘Clean’ recycled wood – material produced from pallets and secondary manufacture etc.

Recycled Wood Grade B

Industrial feedstock grade – including Grade A material plus construction and demolition waste.

Recycled Wood Grade C

Fuel grade – this is made from all of the above material, plus material from municipal collections and civic amenity sites.

Recycled Wood Grade D

Hazardous waste – this includes all grades of wood including treated material such as fencing and trackwork and requires disposal at special facilities.

If you require an experienced and trusted waste company to deal with all your organics, food and bio-degradable liquids and solids, then get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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